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6th June 1944 - Overlord


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As a good drawing is often better than a thousand explanations, what could be better than a Comic Strip to tell the tale of Operation Overlord and the Allied Landings in Normandy ? Without wishing to give a parody of a famous phrase printed by an equally famous newspaper read by young people aged 7 to 70, it is clear that comic strips are read by a very wide public.

Bringing together pictures and texts, they are close to both literature and cinema, but are extremely good at being concise and straight to the point. These are surely the reasons why they are read with great interest by children, teenagers, parents and grandparents alike.

I hope that this book will both serve to pass on the message of those who experienced these battles and the occupation first-hand and also interest the younger generations as they learn of the high price paid for Freedom.
Such are my wishes as, on behalf of the Normandy Landings Committee, it is my pleasure to give my support to this initiative.

235x325 mm
90 pages
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