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In William the Conqueror's Footsteps

CERISIER Emmanuel -

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In 1066, William, Duke of Normandy, raised an army to invade England and to seize the throne. Maixent, a young boy from a poor family, became the unexpected companion of a nobleman named Tancrède de Hautmesnil on his way to join the Norman chief on the coast. From there, on the 28th of September and taking advantage of favourable winds, the fleet set off to launch the assault on England. Aboard the many ships, men feared the capricious sea, but, as soon as dawn broke, the enemy coast was already in sight. They would soon be in Hastings for the decisive battle.

Beau livre
230x290 mm
48 pages
Cahier pédagogique par Gilles PIVARD
Couverture rembordée
Dos carré, collé, cousu
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