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Queen Matilda

FETTU Annie -

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The destiny of Matilda of Flanders, granddaughter of the King of France, Robert the Pious, later to become Duchess of Normandy and Queen of England, was equal to that of her husband, William the Conqueror, to whom she gave many children.

Intelligent and cultured, Matilda was also a powerful woman, who played an important role, both financially and politically, in the preparations for the Normand Conquest of England. She acted as Regent of Normandy from 1066 to 1068, off ering the duchy a period of peace and prosperity.

In 1068, she was crowned Queen of England in Westminster Cathedral. Henceforth, a new life began for Matilda, between England and Normandy. She contributed considerably to the Church.

Although an extremely important fi gure, Matilda lived in the shadow of her husband. She deserves due homage.

170x240 mm
28 pages
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