The Cotentin and Channel Islands
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The Mont Saint-Michel, Tombelaine, Chausey, the Minquiers, Jersey, the Ecrehou, Sark, Guernsay, Aldernay, Pelee Island, Tatihou, Saint-Marcouf... some of these islands are French, whereas others belong to be British Crown. Why and for how long ? Are they all inhabited ? What language is spoken there ? How are thez governed ? What do they live on ? For how many centuries have they been physically separated from the Cotentin peninsula ?<br /> <br /> The answers to all of these questions and many more are provided by Edmond Thin, renowned fot his many works on Normandy&#039;s maritime history, together with an insight into the people, the history and the most spectacular sites to be seen on these charismatic islands wich form an extraordinary archipelago around the Cotentin peninsula.

format: 200x265 mm
192 pages
isbn: 978-2-915762-66-2
Saddle-stitched<br /> Numerous photographs


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