Will you be King of England, History through Play
4,10 €

This game book offers you the opportunity to rediscover history through play. It will take you back the Middle Ages, to the kingdom of England and the dukedom of Normandy.<br /> Will you be King of England ?<br /> Only you will know as you make your way through the obstacles on each page. At each page in the adventure, you will need to make the right historical choices to win &quot;knight&quot; points. You will discover a few other games which can win you &quot;archer&quot; or &quot;bonus&quot; points.<br /> The cover flap at the end of the book provides a simple way to count your points as you work your way through the album.<br /> All of the scenes and illustrations in this publication are freely inspired from the famous Bayeux Tapestry. This 11th century embroidery, unique across the globe, is an exceptional representation of medieval society

format: 270x206 mm
32 pages
isbn: 978-2-915762-44-0
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