Bayeux (E)
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Justly renowned the world over, for its Tapestry, its heritage is far from limited to this Chef-d'oeuvre ; the City has its architectural treasures, religious edifices and private dwellings that have remained intact : the charm of time past.
Bayeux yesterday or Bayeux today, Antoine Verney beckons you to come within the City-walls. Visitors have good reason to prolong their stay and Men and Women of Bayeux discover there or re-discover treasures, hidden or forgotten and brought to light of day. Beginning by the synoptic table of the City's history and all the charm of Bayeux is unveiled.
Bayeux in the light of History, is a real City you are privileged to visit.
You will see in turn, Bayeux in antiquity, Bayeux in the Middle Ages, Ecclesiastical Bayeux, Artistic Bayeux, sensitive and delicate as its porcelain or its lace, but you will see too, Bayeux the conqueror or Bayeux the resistant, passing through each phase, pages of sorrow but reborn the stronger and the greater, from the torment.
Bayeux is lively, in commerce or in festivity, she rejoices in the harvest of her native soil and in the gastronomy gained from it.
Antoine Verney as you discover the 1 000 facets of the City and its 2 000 years of history, opens your eyes and guides you on that long journey until you want to close them again, to take in better, in imagination the journey through time.
Before you, a City of your dreams, an open book : the prowess of the Author. So, Visitors : for one day or for always, follow the guide : « La ville est belle ».

format: 200x265 mm
72 pages
isbn: 2-912925-31-2
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