Gärten der Erinnerung
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In Normandy, over 100 000 combatants from 14 different nations lie in 28 War-cemeteries on land given by France in perpetuity. These are incomparable enclaves of remembrance. They symbolise both presence and absence : the ever present cost in human lives, the absence of all those for whom so many still grieve.<br /> An all-inclusive guide, GARDENS OF REMEMBRANCE describes the origin of each War Cemetery, its surroundings, characteristics and geographical situation.<br /> The reader will find in this guide the story of those whose lives were taken from them, often before the age of twenty.<br /> An indispensible work for those who seek to find, remember or ponder where feelings rather than words, pass on the message forever present among the Fallen.

format: 170x240 mm
48 pages
isbn: 2-912925-16-9
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