D-Day Hour by Hour
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Tuesday 6th June 1944: Normandy is preparing, once more, to go down in history. Some 156,115 Allied soldiers are to launch the attack on France: infantrymen, seamen and airmen, who will all individually contribute towards the success of operation Overlord, launched during World War II. Each action undertaken throughout that famous day represents one of the countless cogs in the vast Allied war machine. Via over 350 individual events that punctuated D-Day from dawn to dusk, the day that marked the starting point of the liberation of Western Europe, relive – hour by hour, minute by minute – the specifi c episodes of the attack on Normandy on the 6th of June 1944. These chronological ‘instants' offer us an insight into the stakes, the resources engaged and the consequences of one of the boldest military offensives in history.

format: 200 x 265 mm
160 pages
isbn: 978-2-8151-0493-7
• Couverture souple à rabats • Dos carré, collé, cousu

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