Normandy June 44 - 5 - Juno Beach
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During the 2nd World War, Canada paid a heavy toll when Europe was liberated. During August 1942, due to the lack of direction, the landing in Dieppe, named “Operation Jubilee”, ended in failure and heavy losses… but in the end, it proved itself necessary as it allowed the Allied staff to prepare another one: “Operation Neptune” that was part of the “Overlord plan” and was going to be decisive… On June 6th 1944, the Canadian soldiers landed on Juno Beach. For them, nothing would be the same, and yet… almost all of these young people were volunteers!<br /> 25 years later, one of the survivors participates in a broadcast relative to the memories of these events. It's on “Radio Montreal” and the studio is full of emotions.<br />

format: 215x290 mm
62 pages
isbn: 978-2-8151-0333-6
Couleur : Catherine MOREAU<br /> Dossier : Isabelle BOURNIER<br /> <br /> Cahier pédagogique de 16 pages<br /> Couverture rembordée<br /> Dos carré, collé, cousu

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