William - the last Viking
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William the Conqueror’s Channel crossing in 1066 went down in legend, but did you know that it was also the last Viking expedition in history? The story began three centuries earlier, on the North Sea coasts. Then, in the year 911, the King of France entrusted the Viking chief Rollo with the county of Rouen. In 1066, his descendant, William the Bastard, seventh Duke of Normandy, in turn went down in history by uniting the opposite shores of the English Channel. Just like the expeditions the Northmen had led as far as Russia and America, the Norman Conquest of England was a great maritime and warring enterprise. This book tells you why and how William the Conqueror was the last of the Vikings…

format: 190x240 mm
96 pages
isbn: 978-2-8151-03XX-X
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