La Tapisserie de Bayeux - A step by step discovery
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The Bayeux Tapestry, a truly unique masterpiece, is in fact a woollen embroidery on a linen canvas. Over a length of nearly 70 metres, it tells the story of the Norman Conquest of England by William, Duke of Normandy, in 1066. It also proves to be an excellent documentary source on 11th century life.

As its superb reproductions unfold, the author strives to depict the events that spurred the conquest and to re-enact the famous Battle of Hastings, during which Harold II of England was killed. Freezes on several frames enable the spectator to grasp the details of day-to-day life and to appreciate some rather comical figures.
Sylvette Lemagnen is the Curator of the Bayeux Tapestry. She has acquired in-depth knowledge of the masterpiece over 26 years of painstaking work, enhanced with encounters with specialists in the Middle Ages. She has written many articles and has contributed towards the preparation of several exhibitions and conferences on the Tapestry.

format: 290x145 mm
168 pages
isbn: 978-2-8151-0246-9

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