Victory - 335 days for setting Europe free
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Produced like a military war diary, this exceptional book leads you to experience all the emotion of the Allies’ victorious progress from June 6, 1944 to May 8, 1945. Follow the Allies advance step by step up to the capitulation of Germany - from the beaches of Normandy to the liberation of Paris by Leclerc’s army; from the landings in Provence in the south of France, to the capture of Colmar by de Lattre de Tassigny’s army; from the Battle of the Bulge to the siege of Bastogne; and from the capture of Berchtesgaden to the fall of Berlin. An indispensable edition for you to appreciate and understand the main episodes of these 335 days of sacrifice and fighting that led to victory in Europe.

format: 270x200 mm
172 pages
isbn: 978-2-919257-09-6
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