Normandy June 44 - 4 - Sword Beach
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On June 5th 2009, the day of the commemoration in the German cemetery of La Cambe, the German ambassador Schäffers gave an emotional speech. Many veterans from all countries listened carefully. In the crowd, a man is listening in a very special way. This man is Wolfgang Fleischmann… Wolfgang is looking for Paul Rapier amongst the participants. They met in Ouistreham 65 years ago. It was June 1944, the 6th exactly, the day of the Landing. Their encounter was brief… on that day, Wolfgang and Paul were enemies…

format : 215x290 mm
64 pages
isbn : 978-2-9181-4324-X
Couleur : Catherine MOREAU
Dossier : Isabelle BOURNIER

Cahier pédagogique de 16 pages
Couverture rembordée
Dos carré, collé, cousu
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